Ha.. One vision.

By the most mysterious and powerful force in the world:

We use graphic design to give beauty, a meaning, a story, a reason of existence to stand out over the rest in order to occupe a place in the heart of the desired public.

That's right, because without a real reason, nothing makes sense, and without a meaning the course is drifting losing the essence of the message until falls into oblivion... if it has ever been into the someone's memory.

My name is David Markina and I do communication, digital strategy and cosultancy, as well as web application development to optimise the productivity

As an eighty's rock music lover, I can not feel myself happy without a proper music background...

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Business photography download portal for journalists in media support for multinationals and large companies + Know more


The Medicstudy Foundation is a source of multimedia resources for medicine professionals as well as students. Michael Higgins, President of Ireland is currently being the patron + Know more


Evcore is an Irish company that bets on innovation and progress offered by recharging electric vehicles + Know more

Royal Dutch Shell

The firm Shell Celebrates its ECO-Marathon, promoting renewable energy + Know more


Collection of logotypes and branding design + Know more

App design

Art direction and structure design of mobile applications to improve usability and user experience + Know more

Web design

Website redesign for companies that wanted to renew / improve their esthetics through a fresher and more stunning appearance + Know more

BIGjeans - CCQ

Canoa Quebrada Company. Leader in the sector and in constant expansion, it is committed to the aesthetic renewal of both its e-commerce and its corporate website + Know more